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Children's Ministry

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Jesus & Me

We believe children are an important part of our worship community. We LOVE kids! That is why at every Sunday service, we invite the children forward for a brief "children's sermon." In that moment, the pastor or a volunteer calls the children in attendance forward for a brief lesson. Kids are then welcome to go to our children's area for a lesson, activities, and games. We believe offering these opportunities are important steps in building life-long relationships with God and life-long commitments to the faith. 

Jesus and Me returns on September 11, 2022

All volunteers for childrens' ministry have been vetted and cleared with state & FBI clearances. All children's ministry events and ministries follow "safe sanctuary" guidelines to protect our vulnerable children and youth. 

We've all been there!

Places to get your wiggles out

Many of our church members have been parents or are currently parents of little ones. We know the challenges of bringing babies and toddlers to church. They love to crawl, coo, cry, grab. All of that is wonderful! And we applaud the great effort it takes as parents to bring your children to worship.


In order to help you, we have areas set aside for parents in both locations. If you need to nurse a baby, if you need a place for your little ones to move and squirm, feel free to use one of those spaces. You won't bother us one bit. In fact, seeing your children in church will give us more smiles and joy than you can imagine!

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