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Our Beliefs

Faith Community United Methodist church is a Christian church, so we are in agreement with the major beliefs of other Protestant Christian churches. These are beliefs in God's creation of the universe, how God exists as Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), we share with other Christians in our conviction of the problem of sin, how Jesus saves us through his death on a cross, and we share in a great hope of what Jesus has promised to his followers: a resurrection into eternal life.  


As with any Christian denomination, we have certain beliefs and practices that we adhere to as a church. We believe that Christians from other streams (like Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Catholic, and many more)  are our brothers and sisters in Christ, but we believe that part of our sacred duty is honoring and holding to the beliefs and practices we've inherited in the Methodist tradition.


The rest of this page is a resource guide for some of our particular beliefs and traditions. If you have questions, fee free to contact our pastor: 



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Why United Methodism?

Every Christian denomination has its own character, history, and was created to reach a certain need. Watch this video to see one pastor, answer "why Methodism?" 

Baptism and Communion


Water Baptism

Our church practices water baptism in "both kinds," which means we baptize infants who belong to families that profess a faith in Christ and we baptize youth and adults who have put their faith in Jesus Christ.  If you have questions or are interested in water baptism, our pastor will be happy to help you.



In the United Methodist Church, we believe that Christ invites ALL to come to the Lord's Table. This means that we allow anyone to partake of communion - whether you are a member of another church or you are coming by faith for the first time to receive the grace that Christ is offering. 

The Lord's table is open to everyone. 


John Wesley, our movement's founder, had a deep and robust understanding of God's grace. God's grace (loving favor) did not just mean I am 'forgiven for my sins.' That's important, but grace means so much more. 

God's grace is working everywhere!

Did you see beauty in a sunset, a mountain-scape, or fresh-fallen snow that deeply affected you?

That was God's grace at work. 

Have you experienced someone's prayers, kindness, or encouragement changing you?

That was God's grace too.

Did reading the bible, taking communion, or confessing your problems to a friend reshape your life?

God's grace was working there as well. 

What John Wesley realized is that God is working in everything and every way to save us from a life of destruction and bring us into a true kind of life through Jesus. 





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