Two Rivers : One Destination

Faith Community United Methodist is one church in two locations in the town of Rochester, PA. Rochester sits right at the 'confluence' of two rivers, the Beaver and the Ohio. These rivers join together and then head west to the Mississippi. 

Similarly, our church sits at the confluence of two rivers. At each of our locations we embrace two different streams of worship. At Faith on Jefferson we worship through hymns, liturgy, and the elements of our Methodist Tradition that bring alive our faith. At Faith on 68, we embrace the stream of contemporary worship - lifting our voice through new songs and expressions that guide the passion we have to worship our God. 

Together these streams lead to the same place

                                                   - into the new life offered by Jesus Christ

Faith community is two rivers heading to one destination.

                                                    Two locations working together as one church. 

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Our Beliefs

  & Purpose

Our most basic purpose as a church is to guide each person into these four categories.


Believe in Jesus.

Jesus was born, as God's son,  in 1st century Palestine. During his life, he taught about God's kingdom, worked miracles, and lived in a way to show who God truly is. 

Jesus died on a cross, and was miraculously brought back to life. He promised that he could do the same for others. 

To believe in Jesus, is to believe this is true. 


Become a Disciple.

A disciple is a word that simply means "follower." Jesus invited others to follow him, which meant to live life like Jesus did.


Discipleship is the choice to shape our lives through the mold of Jesus. Every generation of Christians has invited a new generation to follow us as "we follow Christ" (1 Corinthians 11:1)


Belong to Family.

Church is a "new family" of faith where you are invited to belong. When you belong you matter in profound ways. Your life matters to us. Your struggles matter to us. Your successes matter to us. 

Because when you chose to belong to a church, you are saying I want to 'care for' and be 'cared by' this community. 


Build God's Kingdom.

As a church, we hold a profound responsibility to 'build the kingdom of God." This responsibility spreads out to many areas. 

God's kingdom is built as we practice love to our neighbors, as we care for the needs of the poor, as we proclaim the good news of Jesus in our neighborhood and around the world, as we seek justice in the world we live in, and as we care for and cultivate this creation. 

You can learn more about our beliefs on our about page: 

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 If those who 'gain all they can,' and 'save all they can,' will likewise 'give all they can;' then, the more they gain, the more they will grow in grace, and the more treasure they will lay up in heaven.

Methodist Founder, 1786

-John Wesley