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398 Rt. 68

Rochester, PA - 11am Sundays


Faith on 68 was started nearly ten years ago in the church building that was formally called "Zion United Methodist Church." It was created through a long and careful process of prayer, discernment, and generous gifts to see this new vision come to fruition. 


Faith on 68 uses contemporary worship. What that means is that our praise songs are more recently written, our prayers are not read from the page but spoken in the moment, and we are seeking an encounter with God that feels new, heart-felt, and present.  


Faith on 68 seeks to embrace a heart of acceptance to anyone and everyone. We know that often the hesitancy people have to church is from a fear of being rejected. We don't want to ever be that way as a church. Our arms are open - no matter how challenging your story, no matter what you wear, no matter where you come from. 


Faith on 68 is small but growing. We are a small church (which we see as a gift for building a loving community) , but we are a church that also seeks to reach more people. Our lives have been greatly changed by Jesus Christ, and we know that God would do the same for you. 

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